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Edition Electronique
Vol. 10 • No. 26 •
Du 4 Jan  au  10 Jan 2017
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New York:
Appeals Court Hears Arguments on Cholera Reparations  
The Origin and Justification of Racism in the United States
by Jacques Elie Leblanc

La mission de L'oeaLet us pay homage to all the blacks who have struggled and sacrificed their lives in order to end  racism, which tears at humanity’s most basic fabric, such as Jean-Jacques Dessalines,  Toussaint Louverture, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X.

Leonard Pitts, Jr. wrote recently in the Miami Herald: “Americans, the historian Ray  Arsenault once said, live by ‘mythic conceptions of what they think happened’ in the past. And  as school systems, under pressure from conservative school boards, retreat from teaching that  which embarrasses the nation’s self-image, as ethnic studies classes are outlawed, as textbooks  are scrubbed of painfully inconvenient truths, as standards requiring the teaching of only  ‘positive aspects’ of American history are imposed, we find those mythic conceptions  encroaching reality to a troubling degree.”

History teaches us that racists always find fertile ground in those countries where the  ruling circles are committed to imperialist expansion.

The world’s peoples will never forget the hateful Hitlerism which drove Germans  into a racial delirium in which they thought they were a master race called upon to enslave  humanity with fire and steel. Some American sociologists stoke racism in the USA and carry the  specific instructions of their boss, the magnates of Wall Street. The purpose of all fascist writings in the United States is to instill in the American people with the certainty that they are naturally expected to dominate the world.

Racial Superiority of Americans

The many works of Yale University professor, Henry Pratt Fairchild, a proven racist, including his book "Race and Nationality as Factors in American Life," published in New York  in 1947, constantly refers to "the chosen American people." This racist academic claims that any  immigrant in the United States is immediately subject to the beneficial process of Americanization, that is to say, the assimilation of American spiritual values. Fairchild simply  denies the cultural influence of other peoples by calling the reactionary ideology that prevails in  the United States "spiritual values." American culture’s beneficial influence manifests itself, he  said, in "the existence of a racial type with exceptional qualities."

This “racial type” has superior characteristics: an Anglo-American mixture. These  remarks about culture and race reveal a racist mentality which is no different from Hitler's racist  rantings exalting "the people of lords and harassing slaves." American reality tells us at every  step the nature of this "culture" whose adherents see themselves as representatives of a super  race. Recently, the American press reported a resurgence of the anti-black campaign led by the  fascist organization, the Ku Klux Klan, and one American newspaper wrote: "this news has  terrorized blacks who have more than once witnessed lynchings."

Professor Fairchild comes to fully justify these abhorrent crimes of U.S. reactionaries by  constantly repeating in the "scientific" works that "ethnic dissensions are quite natural, universal, and justified from a scientific point of view; they apparently constitute a beneficial “given” in the life of humanity."

What is this if not a call for the persecution of national minorities in the name of a  superior race?

The program of these contemporary murderers was exposed with clarity by the  reactionary Theodore G. Bilbo in his 1946 book “Take Your Choice: Separation or  Mongrelization,” published in New York in 1946. This book, like Fairchild’s, is kind of Bilbo's  testament to the guardians of the American race’s purity.

In a primitive form, Bilbo takes the theory of racial inequality presented in the works of  other racists. Coming to the conclusion that "the only solution to the race problem is the physical separation of the races," Bilbo calls for robust racial discrimination, the prohibition of interracial  marriages, the separation of national groups, going as far as the forced expulsion of national  minorities.

Alongside these fascist fantasies, the works of contemporary American sociologists play  an important role in the deformation of people’s consciousness with their theories of an  American super-race.

For example, there is Samuel P. Huntington's book "The Clash of Civilizations,"  published in 1945 in New York. This work’s 600 pages are saturated with pseudo-scientific  reasoning, specially chosen statistics and quotations designed to convince readers of the drive and exceptional role of the civilizing mission of Anglo-Saxon origin peoples in general and the U.S. in particular. To this end, Huntington uses physical geography and completely misrepresents the theory of natural selection.

Seeking to justify the hegemony of the United States over the world, Huntington  weightily asserts that "the United States enjoys the most stimulating climate in the world." This  factor, according to him, not only contributes to good harvests of cotton and corn but exerts a  beneficial effect on the evolution of the breed of American supermen.

The racist character of Huntington's research becomes particularly apparent when he lays out his findings on the comparative vitality of nations. Many statistics providing tendentious and  falsified social-economic indices always put the United States, Britain, and the British  dominions, at the forefront throughout, as “the world’s most vital nations."

The theory imagined by Huntington of "select groups," in which he, by the way, also  includes Anglo-Saxons and Prussian Junkers, aims to justify the myth of the Anglo-Saxon’s  special vitality. It is to this end that this "scholar" blithely applies to human society the laws of  the animal world discovered by Darwin. He says the "selection" which is done without our  knowledge separates and protects the beings that have above-average qualities.

So this pseudo-science of artificial selection of a higher type is based on the unscientific  genetic theories of August Weismann and Thomas Hunt Morgan and is the cornerstone of these  racist theories. For example, Fairchild writes that the existence of "genes of a superior race”  when mixed with “the genes of an inferior race inevitably lead to mestizos.” (This will bring  tears to the eyes of this new breed known as “Hispanic.”)

Based on the reactionary theory of Morgan and Weismann, Huntington characterizes the  American nation (without the Negroes of course) as a "biologically superior race.”  

It is interesting to note that Lord Amery, an apologist for British colonial expansion, also found, in a 1948 article, among the Anglo-Saxons an "indefatigable spirit of expansion that has allowed them to expand into the world from the center of a small island."

The Lower Beings

With staggering cynicism, Huntington justifies the barbaric extermination of the Native American tribes in the United States – one of the most shameful forms of genocide – as simply the New England Indians being "reduced" by the energetic English.

Thus Amery and Huntington present this shameful page of the colonial expansion of the U.S. and Britain as a manifestation of racial superiority of the Anglo-Saxons. The obscurantism of Huntington attributes the plight of exploited workers in capitalist countries to the proposition that they are "inferior."

Asserting that the world is an arena that throws together strong nations and weak nations, Huntington argues that discoveries led to the decline of some national groups and the rise of others. Through this formula, he seeks to conceal from the American people the terrible fact that in the present capitalist society the discoveries of science and technology enrich a handful by all means, hindering the progress of peoples subjugated by them.

There is no doubt that the economic and cultural backwardness of these people in no way reflects the racial superiority of the colonizers, but only the merciless plundering policies of these same settlers, who exploit cheap labor, grab sources of raw materials and control over the markets advantageous to capitalist investment and the flow of goods.

Like other bourgeois pseudo-scholars, Huntington’s with his racist theories seeks to stifle the people's struggle and justify the exploitation of our workers.

The weather is stormy. Confrontation is inevitable. Dialogue is the order of the day.  Tomorrow may be too late. At this turning point in history, the emergence of someone like Donald Trump only confirms our apprehensions. He has became the spokesman of a white race  in danger of becoming a minority in the midst of a rainbow of humanity.

In discussing what divides us, we will help tolerance and trust to spread. And then the United States will advance on the path to peace, with it thoughts, its concerns, and its willingness to work well. 

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