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Edition Electronique

Vol. 7, No. 40
Du  Avr 16  au   Avr  22. 2014

Kòrdinasyon Desalin: Conférence de presse




Réginal Souffrant

Bookman,You are the man! 

You are a shepherd, an educator,

A warrior, a healer and a leader

A preacher like you is so hard to find.

Really, you are one of a kind.

You have told me that I am not inferior;

That my race is not a barrier

You have made me believe in myself.

Never ever will I be somebody’s serf.

My heart and my soul, you have saved.

Thanks to you, I will never be enslaved.


Your name sounds like a thunder,

And your eyes spark like a lighting

The black race will never remain under

Oppression but will continue fighting.


The enemy trembles like a leaf

When he hears your name

Because you have a beef

With his dirty aim


When, like a lion roars your voice,

From the mountain resonates a big noise

A noise that makes rivers overflow,

A noise that sinks the enemy’s morale low


I do not celebrate Columbus Day

Because Christopher Columbus was a murderer

I am proud to celebrate Bookman’s Day

Because Bookman was a freedom fighter


Since the day of your uprising,

The flowers of freedom have never stopped blossoming.


Bookman, today Haiti is thanking you.

The Americas are grateful to you.

Africa remembers you.

Asia salutes you.

Oceania is learning about you.

Antartica is waiting for you.

Europe respects you.

The whole world is celebrating you.

Vol. 5 No. 4 • Du 10 au 16 Août 2011

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