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Edition Electronique

Vol. 8, No. 28
Du  Jan  21  au  Jan 27. 2015

Electronic Edition

Kòrdinasyon Desalin: Conférence de presse



Haiti: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

by Berthony Dupont


(Haiti Liberté’s editorial from the Jul. 28, 2011 edition. Translated from French.)

Everyone knows that the latest electoral farces that catapulted Joseph Michel Martelly to Haiti’s presidency and the majority of Parliament’s members into the Legislature were the product of manipulations, maneuvers and interventions of the “international community” led by the United States.

But since the birth of its runt, the “international community” seems to be taking a cautious approach, waiting for the new Haitian leaders to start up the government’s machinery so as to pretend that the country is functioning, despite the MINUSTAH-introduced cholera that continues to kill the poor masses still living under the tents of misery.

More than two months after the Tèt Kale regime’s installation, nothing yet has moved towards crystallizing a definite policy that favors putting the country onto another path, towards a new horizon. Everything that’s been done up to now shows that the forces in power are nothing but troublemakers, elements hostile to the change so desired by the Haitian people.

It is not from this perspective that the “international community” has hurried to come and dictate the rules of the game to the different protagonists, but rather from one of not letting the situation degenerate so as not to lose control. Thus, U.S. Ambassador Kenneth Merten has stressed the impatience of the “international community.” Henri-Paul Normandin of Canada, for his part, has considered that the political crisis that prevails since Michel Martelly’s arrival in power has grave consequences for Haiti’s cooperation with these “friendly” countries.

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, did not mince words in stating: “It is my hope that an agreement is quickly reached between the President and the Parliament, of a sort that allows a government to be quickly established, in order to revive the great projects of reconstruction and development.

France has also had a word to say: “We truly hope wholeheartedly that the Haitian elites, particularly the political elites, make the necessary compromises so as to ensure that there is an interlocutor facing the international community,” declared three French Parliament members visiting Haiti on Monday, Jul. 25, 2011.

They have clearly succeeded in putting a little water into the wine of some recalcitrant members of Parliament but also and especially into that of their good fellow, Martelly. In fact, during the seventh meeting of the Board of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) on Jul. 22, 2011, the forces occupying Haiti had an easy time of putting all their weight in the balance for placing the dots over the i’s and tamping down the rhetoric of the Martelly sector, with which in essence they have no fundamental disagreement.

Beyond the lesson in political cooptation that has been inflicted on Martelly’s clique, it would seem that Bill Clinton and Insulza have gone much farther in letting Martelly know that they totally disapprove of his campaign of denigration and criticism of the IHRC.

Indeed, Martelly, with the demagogic zeal that is characteristic of the way he hides his worthlessness, blasted away at the Clinton-led IHRC and outgoing Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive. He had even threatened to fire Bill Clinton and to put an end to the IHRC’s mandate, which is supposed to end in October anyway. And it is from this same perspective that he categorically refused to keep Bellerive as the head of government, which would have ensured the continuity so desired by Clinton.

It did not take long for this caricature of a president to adapt himself to the orders of his bosses, given that he lost no time in changing his mind to quickly accommodate himself to their dictates. To show that he learned his lesson well, he stopped taking aim at the IHRC. Instead, he asked Parliament for a one-year extension of the IHRC, and to top it off he declared: “The President that I am must be objective in recognizing that the IHRC can be a good tool for supporting the development of Haiti if the problems with which it is confronted are addressed.”

To give himself a clear conscience before the one who made him Haiti’s President, Martelly showered Clinton with the most vile flattery when he chose to honor him for so-called services rendered, while for us Haitian patriots, proud in our verticality, Clinton is nothing but the worst enemy of the country and of the Haitian people.

Even though this same Bill Clinton himself has recognized all the harm he has inflicted on us and our economy, his knave however declared to him: “We will never forget that you were one of the very first international figures who came to bring us relief [...] and since then, you are showing us an undeniable interest by your repeated visits over the course of these last 18 months. We are certain that this interest is motivated by your sense of humanity coupled with the proverbial generosity of the United States [...] You are a great friend of Haiti. In the area of aid, you have not contented yourself with being the representative of our country; you have engaged yourself, and continue to personally engage yourself for Haiti [...] the humanism that animates you has led you to invest here in agriculture, education, housing, food, drinking water, electricity [...] Mr. President, the country of Haiti has trust in you [...] You are thus for us a valued friend,  irreplaceable in the long and difficult road of reconstruction on which we have embarked [...] Mr. President, by the powers vested in me, I bestow upon you the Grand Cross of the National Order of Honor and Merit, by way of appreciation of the Haitian people for what you have already undertaken and for what you will be undertaking.

The reply by the Empire’s son was curt, with even a hint of disdainful condescension that the Clinton lackey, ensconced in his base servility, surely didn’t detect: “I don’t think that former American presidents need decorations, but this one, I accept with honor.

Still today, the country is caught between the devil and the deep-blue sea. The promises of reconstruction are nothing but silly fables. The victims will never be rescued. Thus the IHRC is just forging ahead, with lies, hypocrisy and scheming. It is an imperialist, colonialist, racist and neo-colonialist project of the ruling groups, accompanying the humanitarian operation which began after the January 12, 2010 catastrophe and which continues smoothly, with the complicity of the on-call indigenous who want to kill Haitian nationalism.

Vol. 5 No. 4 • Du 10 au 16 Août 2011

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